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Classroom Projects

The Mason County Central Educational Foundation (MCCEF) has been supporting MCC Schools through faculty mini-grants for almost three decades. And the Board of Directors plans to continue that support but with a new focus: super-big projects! The Foundation is seeking ideas that can make a large impact on students, teachers, and/or staff. MCC staff and faculty, please submit your super-big ideas by Friday, September 14th!

This spring, MCCEF chose a couple of super-big projects for future funding: robotics and school safety. Both projects still require finite goals and descriptions but choosing a focus will allow the Foundation to assist with research, resources, and funding needs. $1000 was given to the District Robotics as seed money for this year-long project.

In addition to choosing larger projects, MCCEF donated $3,450 to smaller faculty mini-grants for the 2018\19 school year.

The Science Department (Mike Weinert) at MCC High School received $500 for Legos as a 3D model material for the Mars Project, an interactive Space and Environment requirement incorporating Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The High School Athletics Department (Tyler Koops) received $346 to update weight room equipment for use by the physical education classes and athletics.

Victory Early Childhood Center (Sally Smith) received $1,098 to purchase books for the Read, Enjoy, and Discover program. This funding was in addition to funds VECC had already raised to provide nine books for 61 preschool-aged children during the 2018/19 school year, encouraging a strong foundation for reading. VECC (Kim Marrison) also received $506 for preschool S.T.E.M. mathematic materials.

The Spartan GRIT (Brianna Wise) G- Gratitude, R- Resilience, I- Intellectual Curiosity, T- Trustworthy received $1000 for the event to be held on September 4th encouraging positive behavior.

Classroom Projects 2017

$500 IPad Educational Applications

2017 Mini Grant for iPad Educational Applications awarded to Mary Scheffler in the Scottville Lower Elementary.

$982 STEM Materials

2017 MCCEF Mini-Grant awarded STEM Materials to Kim Marrison in the Victory Early Childhood Center.

$600 Conceptual Math Software

2017 MCCEF Mini-Grant for Conceptual Math Software awarded to Pete Lundberg in the Scottville Upper Elementary.

$215 Bare Books

2017 MCCEF Mini-Grant for Bare Books awarded to Keri Sanders from the Scottville Middle School.

$500 Flexible Seating Pilot

2017 MCCEF Mini-Grant for a Flexible Seating Pilot awarded to Jessica Danielson of the Scottville Upper Elementary.

$1,424 Chromebooks

2017 MCCEF Mini-Grant for Chromebooks awarded to Kay Stakenas from the Scottville Upper Elementary.

$1,868 Classroom Scholastic Math Subscriptions

2017 MCCEF Mini-Grant for Classroom Scholastic Math Subscriptions awarded to Marlynn Gulembo and Chandra Tactor in the Scottville Middle School.

$480 Spikeball

2017 MCCEF Mini-Grant for Spikeball game kits awarded to Ed Sanders of MCC High School.